BaseRail Caulk Option

Further protect your investments with additional water and weather proofing! Custom Built Structures now offers BaseRail Caulking on all of our metal buildings.

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Caulking can help prevent water from seeping under a BaseRail or other structures. It creates a seal that can deter water infiltration. However, as you mentioned, there’s no 100% guarantee because surfaces can be porous or may have minor imperfections where water could still find a way in.

It’s accurate to point out that even surfaces like concrete slabs can have minor variations that might allow water underneath. This is why proper construction techniques are important.

The recommended approach of pouring a concrete pad to match engineered drawings and ensuring that sheet metal overlaps the pad’s edge is a good water management strategy. This creates a barrier to direct water away from the structure and can be more effective than relying solely on caulk.

Caulk can be a helpful component in preventing water seepage. Still, it should ideally be part of a comprehensive strategy that includes proper construction techniques like matching concrete pads to engineered drawings and using sheet metal to divert water from critical areas.

** Caulking will help but will not guarantee water from coming under the baserail. **


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