Commercial Grade Units

We build a wide variety of commercial grade structures! With over 2,300 possible color combinations you’re bound to find the perfect match for your property. Our installation crews take pride in building structures that will give decades of protection from harsh climates throughout all four seasons.

Your structure will be built to meet local wind and snow codes when ordering engineered drawings specific to your commercial grade steel building. Up to 100-ft wide and the length you desire, we’re able to design and build your project with decades of experience to ensure you have a worry free project.

Standard Features:

Double Legs on 8-11' Legs
Ladder Legs on 12-16' Legs
29 Gauge metal Roofing
14 Gauge Galvanized Steel Framing
5' On-Center Leg Spacing
8' Standard Leg Height
Bracing on every Roof Peak
Bracing on Every Leg
Anchoring Included
17 Color Choices For each: Roof, Sides, and Trim

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