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Every structure we build is custom built to each customer’s installation site, project size requirements and specifications.  If you are unsure which structure to start with, you can simply start from scratch using our 3D Design Tool. Give it a try!

Roof Types Available:

we recommend considering the benefits of a better roof!

We have two roof choices! Depending on your budget, intended use of your structure and where your structure will be installed – you could make a risky mistake if you choose the wrong one!  If your area experiences a lot of snow, ice, rain, heavy debris such as a thick tree canopy above – you’ll definitely want to choose a Vertical Style roof.

Our Vertical Style roof is the most popular and preferred choice among our customers. It’s popular because rain, snow and leaves fall off the left/right sides more easily. The sheet metal ridges run vertically from the top peak to the sides. By installing the sheet metal vertically it allows the elements run down and off the structure with the force of gravity. 



Our Boxed Style roof runs the sheet metal panels from the front of the structure to the back. The ridges run horizontally which doesn’t allow for gravity work it’s magic. The Boxed Style roof is a more economical choice due to use of less material and labor during installation. We highly recommend customers to consider Vertical Style roofs to eliminate maintenance concerns.



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